First AFP screening ever at Loch Ness Film Festival

On Friday the 28th of July we had the very first public screening of an Aberdeenshire Film Production movie. The short ‘Busted!’ was screened at the Loch Ness International Film Festival 2017. The setting was very cosy, at a backpackers hostel in Lewiston, and the atmosphere friendly. There weren’t a lot of people, but then again, the travelling options to get there weren’t the most accessible (we had a two-and-a-half hour drive to get there, some people flew in from Cardiff).
We watched two hours of shorts, beginning with the most dramatic ones and ending on a comical note. Most films seemed to originate from Scotland, but there were also entries from Australia and New Zealand. It was interesting to see that some of the movies were made with the help of crowd funding and/or GoFundMe. We didn’t see any zombie movies, which surprised me. They did organise a zombie workshop the day after, when the final night of screening was planned, so maybe they kept the zombie movies for that evening.
There were a lot of movies, mostly relatively short shorts. Although a short can be up to forty minutes long, most stayed below the ten minutes. ‘Busted!’ is about five minutes long and that includes titles and credits.
So how did ‘Busted!’ do? As it was the first funny film after the dramatic ones, we received a genuine cheerful reaction and applause. It was a great feeling. One of the organisers later said they liked our movie because it was ‘short and snappy.’
There were souvenirs for sale and we bought a mug. We also donated one to Andrew Steel, the actor in the short who also attended the screening and dedicated his precious time to make this movie (and another that is still in post-production) with us.
All in all a fun experience!

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