‘Busted’ was written by Jacky Dahlhaus as a spin off of an exercise during her writing course, when she wrote ‘Vampires Anonymous.’ It is a little short about a hungry vampire who gets busted for going over the allowed quota.

We had a very minimal crew available, so Andy and Leon both performed as camera men. Andrew, who had before helped us when we made shot plan of ‘You Should Have,’ was the undercover police officer and Jacky Dahlhaus performed as the vampire.

We learned that when you shoot with more than one camera it is important to synchronize the settings, i.e. full automatic or manual. We also learned that shoots go a lot faster with less people involved. We shot this short in two hours.

We were very lucky to be able to use the calligraphic flourishes of Crafsmanspace. Thank you, Jan!

‘Busted’ is currently in post-production.