You Should Have

‘You Should Have’ is a short that Jacky Dahlhaus wrote after she had a flat tire. The story is about a couple that get a flat tire while driving through the country side. The replacement of the tire doesn’t go as smoothly as anticipated and doesn’t do much good for the relationship of the couple. It does have a happy ending though ;).

The shoot began at the end of September. Unfortunately we ran out of daylight when we only needed two more minutes of film. Due to the availability of actors and crew, the next shoot happened well into October, when the weather had changed to chillier temperatures and the whole short had to be refilmed.

We learned a lot while doing this film. Casting is very important as is preparing your actors for the role. We also learned that, although it was lovely to film in sunshine, the sun isn’t always your friend when filming outdoors. Time management is also something to be aware of, particularly when the days are shortening.

You Should Have’ is currently in post-production.