Life’s Little Pleasures

‘Life’s Little Pleasures’ is a short inspired by a Dutch poem from Cees Buddingh. It’s a dramatized version of a man at the breakfast table discovering that the lid of the jam jar also fits on the peanut butter jar and vice versa.

This was our first production and we had a lot of fun filming it. We had to take multiple shots of Ray eating the slices of bread (watch out for the crumb falling from his lips) and it was hard to keep up with the continuity (let us know if you find the error). The clock in the background was also our bane 🙂 . Make-up was easy though, Ray’s daughter was very impressed when he showed up to pick her up in full make-up still.

David was our single camera man and did a great job following ad hoc decisions by Jacky. Gareth composed the music. It’s suited very well to the ‘drama’ of the short. Leon did a great job of creating the labels for the jam and peanut jar. They looked very realistic.